If you’d like to get in touch, email [email protected]. I love to perform my own short stories and poetry, to give workshops and discuss writing – the short story, flash fiction and using science as inspiration are some of the topics I can talk about. I offer editing services for short stories, poetry, creative non-fiction and hybrid pieces, and am open to discussing one-on-one mentoring, but I’m afraid I can’t comment on unsolicited manuscripts. I generally charge Society of Authors rates. I live in Greater Manchester and am happy to travel.

If you have an enquiry connected to the On This Day She book, please contact [email protected] or visit www.onthisdayshe.com.

If you are a student the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health at Manchester University and want to book an appointment to discuss your writing with me as one of the Writing Fellows, please use this email: [email protected]

For other enquiries please contact my agent, Kate Johnson of MacKenzie Wolf at [email protected]