nhiwcover-213x3002nd prize winner, Fool For Poetry Chapbook Contest 2015

Runner-up, 2016 Saboteur Awards for Best Poetry Pamphlet

Southword Editions, Feb 2016

ISBN 978-1-905002-44-3

Cover artwork: Eileen White

My debut poetry collection, the book contains 22 poems, many of which are inspired in some way by science – but don’t worry, no previous knowledge required! Here is one of the poems –  and you can hear me reading several of the others on SoundCloud.

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Once, early on in my development,
some boy took me to the roof
to see Orion’s Belt, the Pleiades.

I listened, looked politely where he
pointed, but already then I knew – though
he had left the door ajar, and I

was not yet fully-formed – that this
had nothing to do with stars,
the tug of gravity.

Dec 2016 Claire Trevien has given my poetry pamphlet a lovely mention in Sabotage Reviews’ End of 2016 Critics’ Choice, saying ” Tania Hershman’s Nothing Here is Wild, Everything is Open (Southword Editions) … upends you in the best way”

Oct 2016  Nothing Here Is Wild, Everything Is Open has been beautifully reviewed by Rosalind Hudis in the Wales Arts Review, who says: “There is a strata in these poems of deep ‘care-taking’ – even if it leads to questioning rather than action….She is, above all, a  story-teller. Strong detail keeps the reader in the world of tangible sensation, spiced up by the occasional startling image.” Read the full review here>>

August 2016: There are two new reviews of my poetry chapbook: at Under the Radar magazine (print) DA Prince says “What struck me is the unity and warmth of this collection… varied in form and viewpoint, they add up to a coherent whole”; and at Sabotage Reviews Angela Topping says: “Many of the poems take this kind of surrealist slant, which often leads to surprising and quirky approaches which keep the reader entertained. On the whole this is an interesting first foray into poetry, and I hope Hershman continues to write in both genres.”

My chapbook is reviewed in the April/May 2016 issue of Southword journal by Thomas McCarthy, who was one of the four judges of the Fool For Poetry contest in which my chapbook won 2nd prize, who says: “There is a calm centre to her work, a meditative and mediating core, from which the poem expands outward. Parallel with this persistent sense of escape, or evisceration, is that other, harder, technical, formal ambition in the work: Hershman is not afraid to try it on, to stretch the line, to demand a visual awareness in her readers.” You can read the full review here.

At BookMunch, Lucille Turner calls it “quantum poetry… Add a touch of Existentialism and a dash of Postmodernist uncertainty and you have the essence of this collection. It has to be unsettling.” (April 1, 2016)

The Cork Evening Echo said: “Nothing Here Is Wild, Everything Is Open is a collection suffused with touches of humour, nostalgia and melancholy. Pulled is a short, beautifully-constructed nine-line work, memorable for its simplicity, where Life Just Swallows You Up plays on the shocking ordinariness of death”  March 18 2016