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"Tania Hershman makes immaculate tiny stories that punch ten times heavier than their weight, as if a 500 page novel had been ground up and distilled into capsule form. They are so biting and so perfect they seem to hang in the air for moments after you’ve finished reading them, like little prayers. Emotionally wrenching, funny, quirky, and full of condensed wisdom, insight and love, Hershman’s short short stories are whirring, ticking word machines waiting to explode inside you."
David Gaffney, author of Sawn-Off Tales, Aromabingo, and The Half Life of Songs

“Unique voices of mystery, love and loss in stories thrumming with big ideas. Elegant and powerful.”
Paddy O'Reilly, author, The End of The World, The Factor,  The Fine Colour of Rust

"The writer Alasdair Gray once described himself as “a maker of imagined objects.”  It strikes me that Tania Hershman needs a more artful descriptor than ‘writer,’ too: brilliant; mysterious; not of this earth—I adore her and I adore this book."
Marjorie Celona, author, Y 

Published: May 3rd 2012
    Paperback, 96 pages  ISBN: 1906477604
ebook ASIN: B008CS57X2

"Tania Hershman writes with such passion and playfulness, the pain and the fear and the hope woven through her stories hits all the harder. The result is beautiful, funny and quietly devastating."
Nicola Walker, actress (Spooks, Inside Men

A scintillating collection of 56 short fictions by one of the genre’s most daring exponents, whose economy of words cloaks her subtlety and power. Tania Hershman’s work is powerful, spiky and off-beat but with a distinct warmth and affection for her subjects.

My Mother Was an Upright Piano
: Fictions builds on the strengths of Tania Hershman's first collection of short stories The White Road and Other Stories, which was commended by the judges of the 2009 Orange Award for New Writers.

Hershman's fiction is inspiring, thought-provoking and witty. She is able to create characters with distinct voices and explore deep and sometimes disturbing relationships in just a few paragraphs of prose. Her writing style has a lyrical quality and often the meter of her work brings added resonance to her themes.

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"Funny, fresh, lyrical.  These stories are like colorful glass lozenges holding the substance of our everyday lives, sparkled up by the unusual and wondrous."
Aimee Bender, author of Willful Creatures and The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

“This collection is two rich catalogs interleaved. In the first, the stories succeed precisely where their own characters fail: these deft fictions are full of (and about) the humor and heartbreak made manifest when communication fails. In the second, meaning somehow gets through, albeit not through words, but through physics, say, or music, say, or love. Together the two halves lay bare a world where speaking clearly is nothing short of heroic.”
Roy Kesey, author of Pacazo, All Over, and Nothing in the World

"Tania Hershman's fictions are incredible things which both challenge and explore the wider picture whilst honing in on the minutae of everyday life. Bold, assured and poetic My Mother Was An Upright Piano: Fictions confirms Hershman's standing as an important contemporary voice."

Lee Rourke, author, The Canal, Everyday, A Brief History of Fables (ed)

"Simply superb, and anything but simple, these fictions peel back the layers we build up over our lives with the sharpest of scalpels: the eye of that rare creature - a real writer." Vanessa Gebbie, author, Words From a Glass Bubble, Storm Warning,  The Coward's Tale