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my mother was an upright piano watch me read this!
we watched him  on our screens
it could almost be an accident

Full list of stories included in the book:
(two extra "secret stories" not listed here included in the two formats of ebook)
the google 250  
the short tree has its hand up  
my mother was an upright piano  
we will be there  
a loyal friend  
the mathematics of sunshine
it could almost be an accident  
trams and pies  
colours shift and fade  
vegetable, mineral  
einstein plays guitar 
dangerous shoes  
like owls  
my uncle’s son  
suitcases balanced on their heads  
how much the ants carry  
forty-eight dogs
tiny red heart  
life burst out  
think of icebergs  
it’s the state I’m in  
disease relics  
we keep the wall between us as we go  
that small small inch  
a  pigeon and a sparrow
waving on the moon  
in triplicate  
move quickly now  
at camden town he said he loved me  
the painter and the physicist
into the waiting arms of god  
containing art  
the family  
the apple trees watched and wondered  
under the tree  
her dirt  
the angle of his bending  
the watch my father wanted  
ankle socks and hair in bunches  
tiny unborn fish  
the beam line  
coat and shoes  
my flickering self  
retreating I retreated  
let’s toast this thing  
the lion and the meteorite can never touch you  
the tragedy of tragic men  
we watched him on our screens