“Thanks again for such great comments …your very detailed and constructive critique – 18 pages of comments with examples & explanation – is beyond what I expected (but what I had secretly hoped for)” Stephanie, May 2019

“Just finished reading your comments and I am blown away. Had not expected such detailed analysis. Thank you so much! I’ve sat on these stories for several years knowing there was something not right but too close to them to understand what.
Your feedback sheds a whole new light on what I wrote but also on the short-story form.” MS, March 2018

“This is wonderful feedback, extremely helpful, very encouraging. It’s given me renewed energy to keep going and a sense of direction – exactly what I need!” Ruth, March 2018

“I just had a critique from Tania Hershman and the quality of feedback was fantastic – 3 1/2 pages of tips and questions for an 800 word story which will help me with ALL my writing. Highly recommend.” Gaynor J, Dec 2017

Your short stories, poems and hybrid pieces should first and foremost please you, the writer, and be written in the way you want to write them. But having a second pair of eyes – that don’t belong to a friend or family member! – to take a look can be very useful, spotting how you may be getting in the way of the story you want to tell.

I am an experienced writer, editor and workshop tutor. We will formulate a plan by email according to what you need – I can look at and comment on one or more short stories, flash fictions, poems or other pieces of writing, or a combination. I will provide you with a detailed written report highlighting the positives, pointing out stylistic and narrative quirks you may not have noticed yourself repeating across several pieces, and suggesting ways214b0669a-300x200 to push yourself further to make a good piece of work truly great!

You can also give a critique as a gift to a writer friend! I’ll design a card/voucher and they would have 6 months to redeem it.

My fees will depend on the number and length of the pieces – I offer discounts for writers on a low income. Email me [email protected] to discuss this further.