stories & poems

May 2020

I recorded another poem for the #internationalpoetrycircle, “No, I Do Not Tango”, from my collection, “Terms & Conditions”.

April 2020

I thought I’d read you another poem, and this time I figured out how to do it without having to hold the phone! Here’s a little reminder of something we all need to do: ‘Play’, from my LiveCanon pamphlet, ‘How High Did She Fly’. #InternationalPoetryCircle

March 2020

Me reading ‘What do we do when the water rises’, a poem from my collection, Terms & Conditions, which takes inspiration from the fire ant in times of crisis. #InternationalPoetryCircle

April 2019

European Poetry Festival – my collaboration performance with Christodolos Makris in Manchester

Sep 2017 Carpool Poetry: Clive Birnie drives me around Bristol while we discuss my new books very very seriously…

A lovely film-poem made by Helen Dewberry at Elephant’s Footprint of the title poem of my collection, Terms and Conditions!



reading three of my poems, Relativity and The Observer Paradox, at an event for the Over Land, Over Sea anthology raising money for refugees, in London, Aug 2016


reading my poem, How To Be Here, which was commissioned as part of the Bristol Festival of Nature’s Poetry Trail

a film by Ana Levisky entitled ‘I Love it How Conversations Flow From Family to Brown Bread’, inspired by my poem, Jigsawed, with me reading the poem

I love it how conversations flow from family to brown bread from Ana Levisky on Vimeo.



me reading at Poets & Players Science & Poetry event, Feb 2016, Manchester


me reading at Fictions Of Every Kind, Leeds, Nov 2015

tales from the shed: my mother was an upright piano

story swaps: I read Berit Ellingsen’s story and she reads mine



like owls for SPECS magazine

‘Like Owls’ from James Murray-White on Vimeo.


Plaits at the Frank O’Connor short story festival, Sept 2008


two architecture-inspired short short stories at the Transgressive Architecture Conference, Bristol, Nov 2013

interviews & events

interview with Ink, Tears about short stories

Presenting the Writers & Artists Short Story Prize 2013