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= story included in My Mother Was An Upright Piano: Fictions

= story included in The White Road and Other Stories

Aesop 3.0 Anthology, 2012 forthcoming
The Scientist and The Tiger

Diamond Light Reading Prize Anthology 2012
The Beam Line

"Found" eAnthology, Wordrunner 2012

Jawbreakers: National Flash Fiction Day Anthology, 2012

Kissing Einstein and Other Stories:South-West Flash Fiction Day Anthology, 2012
Kissing Einstein

Overheard Anthology, 2012
What Do You Do?

STILL Anthology, 2012


Take Tea With Turing eAnthology, 2012
The Perfect Egg

Unbound Press/Spilling Ink Prize Anthology 2012
Into the Waiting Arms of God

Whispered Words Contest Anthology 2012
Ankle Socks and Hair in Bunches

Litmus, Comma Press, 2011

We Are All Made of Protein But Some of Us Glow More Than Others

Photo Stories, Notes From The Underground, 2011
We Watched Him On Our Screens

Slightly Peculiar Love Stories, Rosa Mira Books, 2011
Dangerous Shoes
Think of Icebergs

100 Stories for Haiti, 2010

Exposure, Cinnamon Press, 2010
Straight Up

Riffing on Strings, creative writing inspired by string theory, 2008


Belevedere Writers' Club anthology, Talking to Strangers, 2007, and the On the Clock anthology, 2010
Evie and the Arfids

Ideas Above Our Station, Route Publishing, 2006
On A Roll

Wonderwall, Route Publishing, 2005
The White Road